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Behind the Scenes

Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday, November 16, 2014 - 10:00am - 5:00pm
Natural History Museum of Utah

Join us Behind the Scenes

With more than a million objects in our collections only a fraction are on display. For two days only each year we invite visitors Behind the Scenes. Meet the scientists who manage and study our paleontology, anthropology, and biology collections and get an insiders view into the entire Museum.
Visitors will have special access to the following research and collections areas:
Paleontology—Get access to a huge room filled with dinosaur fossils including those of newly discovered species. Meet our world-renowned paleontologists and get firsthand information on Lythronax argestes which translates as "King of Gore." Lythronax is the world's newest known tyrannasaur and is something of a 'great uncle' of T. Rex. He (or she) was unveiled to the world on November 6, 2013. 
Anthropology—Explore the Museum’s extensive collections with anthropologists and archaeologists. Objects date from 11,500 BC to present day and are instrumental to our understanding of the human history of western North America. 
Biology—Not everyone will want to see the creepy stuff in jars but kids tend to love it. Our biology collections are extensive with drawers filled with insects (including spectacular butterflies), birds, and many other creatures.  
This year the Genetics Lab will be open giving you insight into NHMU's genetic research projects. There will be hands-on activities throughout the Museum led by Gallery Interpreters. Architecture tours will introduce you to the Rio Tinto Center's unique design, materials, "green" features, and public art installations.
Museum Members
Join us in the Museum Members-only Hospitality Suite for light refreshments throughout the day. If you’re not yet a member take the opportunity to sign up during this Behind the Scenes weekend.

Museum Admission Required - Questions? Email Us

Additional support from the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks Fund.