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Insects Toolbox

Dozens of mounted entomological specimens to help students understand the incredible variability and beauty of insects. Learn to classify and to identify unique adaptations.

What's in the Insects Toolbox?

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Velvet ant, Morpho butterfly, Madagascar grasshopper, Walking stick, Dragonfly, Tarantula hawk wasp, Giant water bug, Lesser angle-wing katydid, Green stink bug, Tiger beetles, Ten lined June beetle, Locust borer, Earwig, Predacious diving beetle, Cicada, Ilia underwing moth, Madagascar sunset moth, Stingless bee, Bee fly, Bumble bee, Ichneumonid wasp, Flower fly, Narrow-winged damselfly, Mormon cricket, Atlas moth

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Hands of Nature: Introducing Insects
The Handy Bug Answer Book
Introducing Insects
My First Pocket Guide: Insects
Peterson First Guide: Insects

Teaching Toolboxes include revelant curriculum tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards.

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