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Plants Toolbox

Plant specimens from Utah's diverse habitats are accompanied by curriculum, activites and resources for studying adaptation and classification.

What's in the Plants Toolbox?

Specimens:  Desert Salt Grass, River Hawthorn, Mat Saltbush, Roundleaf Buffaloberry, Quaking Aspen Bitterbrush or Watersedge, Swordleaf Rush, Utah Juniper, Curl-leaf, Mountain Mahogany, Freemont Barberry, Four-wing Saltbush, Shadscale, Fernbush, Timothy, Oregon Grape

Other resources:  15 Laminated Plant Identification Cards, 15 Laminated Colored 3x5 Index Cards, 10 Plastic Rulers, Magnifying lenses, 15 plastic plates, 1 metal teaspoon, 1 box of seeds, 1 slice of tree trunk

Printed materials:
Ancient Harvest
Introducing Flowers
Tell Me, Tree
Plants of the Rocky Mountains
Once There Was a Tree
How to Identify Plants

Teaching Toolboxes include revelant curriculum tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards.

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