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Lesson Plans and Curriculum


The Natural History Museum of Utah has a long tradition of serving Utah's teachers and students through curriculum-based lessons and materials rooted in scientific inquiry.  Our hope is that these materials will offer insights into the natural world and encourage further explorations. 

Lesson Plans and curriculum have been thoughtfully developed and tested to support the Utah State Core Curriculum and its Intended Learning Outcomes. They are designed to be used for pre-visit, post-visit, field trip activities, or in conjunction with Junior Science Academy, Museum on the Move as well as with Teaching Toolboxes.
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This Fall Explore the Enduring Bond between Humans and Horses                                                                                                
July 21, 2014 - January 4, 2015

The Natural History Museum of Utah is excited to host The Horse. Over time, humans have preyed upon horses, domesticated them, bred them for work and play, and forged deep emotional and spiritual connections with them. Come discover the fascinating story of how humans have shaped the horse, and how the horse, in turn has shaped us.
This spectacular exhibit includes beautiful cultural objects from around the world, a hand-painted diorama depicting the evolution of the horse, and interactives that invite you to test your strength in horsepower, identify different breeds, and peek inside a life-size, moving horse.
Explore one of Utah’s most important horse stories – the special connection of the Ute people to horses. The Ute were among the first North American tribes to acquire horses from the Spanish in the 1600s. Discover how horses transformed Ute life in ways that continue to reverberate today.
Horses are integral to our history and touch us as individuals. Celebrate our bond with these magnificent creatures!