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2019 Summer Camp for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Summer Camp Sessions

NHMU Kindergarten camps are designed for children who will enter Kindergarten in the fall of 2019 and who are completely potty trained. Each camp is created using Utah’s Early Childhood Core Standards. For our full-day session, time between morning and afternoon session will be spent eating a lunch brought from home and exploring outside with Red Butte Garden and/or NHMU staff. Please note that not all school districts begin summer break at the same time—check your school schedule before registering.

Price and duration of camps vary. See individual listings.

Click here to view and download a complete guide to our kindergarten sessions.

SENSEsational Science

Our bodies do some amazing things! Every day campers will explore the natural world, observing and investigating with their senses. There will be a variety of hands-on discoveries, Museum tours, art projects, and an array of exciting learning opportunities—both inside and outside the Museum. Come and SEE for yourself!

Week 1 | June 10 – 14 | 9 – 11:30am | $155 — registraion has closed

Week 6 | July 15 – 19 | 9 – 11:30am | $155 — registraion has closed


Partner Camp with Sarah Bly of Kidding Around Yoga

This session will have students actively exploring mammals and reptiles (including dinosaurs!). From classifying and comparing to investigating life-cycles and survival needs—we’ve got it all in this session. Campers will explore Museum exhibits, create animal-related projects and artwork all while making new friends and acquiring life-skills in science. At the end of each day, we’ll welcome Sarah Bly, certified Kidding Around Yoga instructor, who will be adding music and movement to our experience.    

Week 2 | June 17 – 21 | 9 – 11:30am | $155 — registraion has closed

Week 8 | July 29 – August 2 | 9 – 11:30am | $155 — registraion has closed

Jr. Detectives

In this camp session, students will utilize the scientific method to explore their world. They’ll use scientific tools to observe, collect, and interpret information while drawing conclusions and communicating with others. Campers will go on Museum-wide scavenger hunts, explore the Paleontology Lab, and participate in many hands-on/minds-on activities as they learn about the world around them.

Week 3 | June 24 – 28 | 9 – 11:30am | $155 — registraion has closed

Week 7* | July 22-23 & 25-26 (*No camp on Wed) | 9 – 11:30am | $124 — registraion has closed

Weather Watchers

Join us as we explore our ever-changing seasons, severe weather patterns, temperature, and more! Campers will create shadow and sun print art, tour the Museum’s galleries, build rain sticks and weather vanes, investigate how weather affects plant and animal growth, and track daily atmospheric phenomena. Note that camp runs Monday-Wednesday only due to July 4th holiday.

Week 4* | July 1 – 3 (*M-W only) | 9 – 11:30am | $93 — registraion has closed

Let’s Build with LEGO

Join us for a week of LEGO building bliss! Campers will utilize a range of LEGO educational kits and hundreds of bricks as they construct bridges, explore wheels and axles, and build cars and launchers. As they participate in these engaging STEAM activities, they will be practicing their critical thinking while strengthening their communication and problem-solving skills.

Week 5 | July 8 – 12 | 9 – 11:30am | $155 — registraion has closed

Week 9 | August 5 – 9 | 9 – 11:30am | $155 — registraion has closed

Into the Woods

Partner Camp with Red Butte Garden
A love of nature grows out of a child’s frequent contact with the natural world. In the morning, campers will spend time at Red Butte, investigating the many inhabitants of the Garden while using their senses along the way. In the afternoon at NHMU, we’ll take time to slow down and actively investigate the natural processes that surround us, like the rock and water cycles. Drop camper off at Red Butte Garden by 9:00am and pick up at NHMU at 3:00pm. Campers will be escorted from one location to the other during the lunch hour.

Week 8 | July 29 – August 2 | 9 – 3:00pm | $280 — registraion has closed

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