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2020 Summer Camp for Fourth–Fifth Grades Sneak Peek

Fourth–Fifth Grade Summer Camp Sessions

Summer Camp sales will go live at 10:00am on the following dates:

  • February 27 for Copper Club 
  • March 4 for Museum Members at the Family level and above (remember contact NHMU to check the status of your Museum Membership)
  • March 9 to the public

NHMU fourth and fifth grade camp sessions are for students who will enter either of these grades in the fall of 2020. For Partner Camp listings, where needed, transportation between sites is provided. If you register your child for two half day sessions in the same week, the time between sessions will be spent eating a lunch brought from home and exploring outside with Museum staff. Please note that not all school districts begin summer break at the same time—check your school schedule before registering.

Price and duration of camps vary. See individual listings.

Please Note: We are not offering a wait list this summer. When a camp is full, registration will automatically close down. If a cancellation occurs and a spot becomes available, a registration link will open on the website. Please check our website periodically for available spots. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Click here to view and download a complete guide to our fourth and fifth grade sessions.

Nature Navigator

Partner Camp with Camp Kostopulos

Let’s explore! Each morning at the Museum, gain your navigation skills as we learn about geocaching and letterboxing. We’ll also dive into Citizen Science as we discover how to utilize iNaturalist, an app that serves a global community for nature observation and identification. At Camp K each afternoon, circumnavigate the Utah foothills while on an ecological expedition to learn about the animals, plants, and insects of the area, create nature-inspired art, and dive deep into water ecosystems. Students will also participate in camp activities such as swimming, rock wall climbing, water field games, and more. Drop camper off at NHMU by 8:30am and pick up at Camp K by 4:30pm. Transportation between sites is provided.

Week 1 | June 8 – 12 | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $315 

Great Salt Lake Discoveries for Girls Only

Partner Camp with FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake

Ladies, the Great Salt Lake is ours to discover! With staff from FRIENDS of GSL, you’ll investigate the cool and unique ecosystem at the Great Salt Lake, from brine shrimp and owl pellets to buoyancy and pH levels! We’ll visit places like Antelope Island and Farmington Bay, conduct salty experiments, chew pickle weed, and watch birds through binoculars. We are investigators, adventurous, and love being outside. Drop off and pick up take place at NHMU. Transportation to field trip locations is provided.

Week 1 | June 8 – 12 | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $315 


Sometimes it's stinky. Sometimes it's crusty. And sometimes it's slimy. Join us as we explore all things gross like edible skin, egg eruptions, and fake snot to owl pellets, germ culturing, dissections, and chocolate covered insects. Your parents will be so glad you didn’t try these experiments at home!

Week 2 | June 15 – 19 | 9:00am – Noon | $165 

Campus Exploration

Every day will be a new adventure as we explore the University of Utah campus! We have plans to visit the Earthquake Information Center where we’ll learn about seismology and earthquake magnitudes. We’ll also visit the South Physics Observatory where campers will have a solar presentation. Our outing to the Marriott Library’s Red Butte Press will find us creating own mini-books. A visit from the School of Medicine is also on our docket and campers will have the opportunity to participate in a cow eye or heart dissection (alternative activity will be available for those who choose not to join). A trip to the Engineering Department will round out our week. Of course, we’ll also add Museum collection tours throughout the days. Bring your walking shoes and join us for this fun-filled week!

Week 2 | June 15 – 19 | 1:00pm –4:00pm | $165 

The Ultimate Camp Experience

Partner Camp with Camp Kostopulos, Red Butte Garden, This is the Place, and Utah’s Hogle Zoo

If you can only attend one camp this summer, make it this one! Join us for a week of signature camp activities where each day finds campers at a different location with exciting new experiences. While at Camp Kostopulos students will participate in swimming, fishing, and climbing wall activities, while also learning about horses and their care. At Red Butte Garden, campers will have a plethora of garden adventures while exploring everything from plants to insects. While at This is the Place, we'll discover Utah's pioneering history through train rides, panning for gold and other hands-on activities. Campers will also spend a day exploring Utah’s Hogle Zoo, watching animal demos as they learn about the animals that call the Zoo home. And, at the Natural History Museum of Utah, explore the Museum and our collections while participating in hands-on science. One week has never been so exciting! Choose from one session below. Each session indicates where a camper is to be dropped off and picked up each day.

Week 3 | June 22 – 26 | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $335

Session A 

Monday - The Natural History Museum of Utah

Tuesday - This is the Place 

Wednesday - Camp Kostopulos 

Thursday - Utah's Hogle Zoo

Friday - Red Butte Garden 

Session B 

Monday - This is the Place

Tuesday - Camp Kostopulos 

Wednesday - Utah's Hogle Zoo 

Thursday - Red Butte Garden

Friday - The Natural History Museum of Utah 

Session C 

Monday - Camp Kostopulos 

Tuesday - Utah's Hogle Zoo 

Wednesday - Red Butte Garden 

Thursday - The Natural History Museum of Utah 

Friday - This is the Place 

Session D 

Monday - Utah's Hogle Zoo 

Tuesday - Red Butte Garden 

Wednesday - The Natural History Museum of Utah 

Thursday - This is the Place 

Friday - Camp Kostopulos 

Session E 

Monday - Red Butte Garden 

Tuesday - The Natural History Museum of Utah 

Wednesday - This is the Place 

Thursday - Camp Kostopulos 

Friday - Utah's Hogle Zoo

Rockets, Wings and Flying Things

Partner Camp with Tracy Aviary

This session runs Monday – Thursday only. Join us for a week of aeronautical study as we investigate everything that flies, soars, glides, orbits, or floats in the sky from planes, kites and rockets to birds, mammals and insects! Mornings at the Museum will be spent exploring the forces of flight with activities involving kites, planes, rockets and more! Afternoons at Tracy Aviary will be spent exploring the world of birds from bone density, beaks and feet to flight patterns and habitats. Drop camper off at NHMU by 8:30am and pick up at Tracy Aviary at 4:30pm. Transportation between sites is provided.

Week 4* | June 29 – July 2 (*M-Th) | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $252 

Know Your Food

Partner Camp with Wasatch Community Gardens

This session runs Monday – Thursday only. Join us for an exciting week of gardening and food discoveries. Spend mornings while at the Museum, campers will investigate taste as we experiment with bitter, sour, sweet and salty. We’ll also explore microorganisms and tour our café’s kitchen while making some fun and easy snacks. Each afternoon will find campers at Wasatch Community Gardens where they will learn about basic cooking skills, explore plant and human nutrition, and dig into the complexity of food systems. Drop camper off at NHMU by 8:30am and pick up at Wasatch Community Garden’s Grateful Tomato Garden by 4:30pm. Transportation between sites is provided.

Week 4* | June 29 – July 2 (*M-Th) | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $252 

Harsh Habitats

Partner Camp with Utah's Hogle Zoo

Scorching deserts, frigid landscapes, treacherous cliffs, and humid jungles—join us as we investigate how animals, both past and present, survive in some of the most extreme environments on Earth. Each morning at the Natural History Museum of Utah, campers will explore the Antarctic Dinosaurs exhibit, discovering new species of dinosaurs as they follow in the steps of Antarctic scientists. Afternoons will find campers at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, investigating how animals like polar bears, desert tortoises, and orangutans have adapted to survive and thrive. Drop off at NHMU by 8:30am and pick up at Utah’s Hogle Zoo at 4:00pm. Transportation between sites is provided.

Week 5 | July 6 – 10 | 8:30am – 4:00pm | $315 

The Utah Adventure

Partner Camp with This is the Place

Utah is an amazing place! Each morning at the Museum we’ll investigate the geology of Utah as well as experience the importance of culture through the art of storytelling, music, and trades. Try your hand at corn grinding, weaving, and drum construction. Every afternoon This is the Place Heritage Park each morning, campers will experience Utah’s pioneer heritage through hands-on activities like candle making, carding wool, learning how to use a telegraph, and visiting the animals. Drop camper off at NHMU by 8:30am and pick up at This is the Place at 4:30pm. Transportation between sites is provided.

Week 5 | July 6 – 10 | 8:30am – 4:00pm | $315 

Sustainability and Creative Reuse

Partner Camp with Clever Octopus

Join us as we investigate what it means to be sustainable. Mornings will be spent with Museum staff, exploring five major areas of sustainability: land, air, food, energy, and water. Each afternoon finds campers utilizing our outdoor terraces with staff from Clever Octopus, participating in amazing projects like pencil pouches, reusable lunch bags, junk keychains and pins, and hammered washer bracelets—all suppled with recycled items. Come prepared to be spend afternoons outside each day under shade tents. Drop off and pick up take place at NHMU.

Week 6 | July 13 – 17 | 8:30am – 4:00pm | $315 

Geology 101

This session runs Monday – Thursday only. Calling all rock hounds…join us for a land-slide of in-depth geologic exploration! Throughout the week campers will learn about fossils, geologic time, rock and mineral types, and the rock cycle. We’ll also explore luminescence, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, erosion, and the common features of our landscape. Plus, visit the Geology Department and the Seismology Lab on campus! 

Week 7* | July 20 – 23 (*M-Th) | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $315 

Inside Out

This session runs Monday – Thursday only. Have you ever wondered what’s inside things like mechanical stuffed toys, fidget spinners, golf balls, or baseballs? What’s inside of an owl pellet, a geode, a flower, or a fish? If you have, then this camp is for you! We’ll take apart natural items, along with gadgets and toys to find out what makes them work.

Week 7* | July 20 – 23 (*M-Th) | 9:00am – Noon | $132 

Kids in Nature

This session runs Monday – Thursday only. Let’s get outside! The natural world will set our agenda, from observing bugs, birds, and plants, to investigating clouds, soil science and anything else that comes across our path! Come prepared to explore and have fun outdoors on the Museum’s terraces.

Week 7* | July 20 – 23 (*M-Th) | 1:00pm – 4:00pm | $132 

Explorers Camp

Partner Camp with Red Butte Garden

Join us for a week of nature explorations! Campers will spend mornings at NHMU, investigating the animals and insects that call Utah home through excursions in the foothills around the Museum. We’ll also spend time learning to use the iNaturalist app, becoming Citizen Scientists! In the afternoon campers will travel to Red Butte Garden and will explore the natural area and formal gardens as they learn the basics of botany and plant science. Drop off at NHMU by 8:30am and pick up at Red Butte Garden at 4:00pm. Campers will walk between sites.

Week 8 | July 27 – 31 | 8:30am – 4:00pm | $315 

Planetary Tech

Partner Camp with Clark Planetarium at Discovery Gateway

Explore our planet, the solar system, and the universe! Each morning while at NHMU, campers will learn about a variety of tech utilized by scientists to study the world around us. Campers will also get a unique behind the scenes experience of some of the Museum’s working labs and hear first-hand from those who depend on this tech for their research. Every afternoon while at Discovery Gateway, campers will discover the worlds beyond Earth, learning about the technology used to study and explore the cosmos – telescopes, space probes, and more! They will spend time at both Clark Planetarium and Discovery Gateway. Drop camper off at Discovery Gateway by 8:30am and pick up at NHMU at 4:30pm. Transportation between sites is provided.

Week 9 | August 3  7 | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $315 

Antarctic Dinosaurs and Comic Book Illustration

Partner Camp with Spy Hop

Are you interested in polar science? Have you ever wanted to create your own comic or graphic novel? Then this camp is for you! Each morning, while at NHMU, campers will explore Antarctic Dinosaurs, learning about the continent’s ever-changing geology and environment as we uncover clues to understanding the changing climate of today. Afternoons will be spent under the guidance of Spy Hop mentors, learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design characters, create a storyline, and lay out the pages of your own comic book. Drop camper off at NHMU by 8:30am and pick up at Spy Hop at 4:30pm. Transportation between sites is provided.

Week 9 | August 3 – 7 | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $315 

Girls Only LEGO Engineering Challenge

Partner Camp with Play-Well TEKnologies

For girls who love to build! This camp encourages the natural talents and interests that girls have in physics and engineering. With the guidance of Museum staff, campers will explore simple and complex machines each morning. They’ll then put that new knowledge to work as they complete team challenges using VEX IQ robotic components. Afternoons will be spent exploring LEGO building systems with Play-Well staff, applying real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as catapults, arch bridges, and more.  Camper drop off and pick up takes place at NHMU.

Week 10 | August 10 – 14 | 8:30am – 4:30pm | $315