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360 Tours

The Natural History Museum of Utah is a renowned Museum and active research institution that receives great acclaim for the design of its home, the Rio Tinto Center. Inside the building are 10 permanent exhibitions housed in beautifully designed galleries that flow from one to the next, allowing guests to explore billions of years of Utah's natural history. You can now explore these exhibitions in 360 Tours, which are displayed on the exhibition pages listed below. 

Follow the links into the galleries, scroll down to the 360-degree tour viewer, select from multiple scenes within the exhibit, and drag your cursor within the tour viewer to navigate. You can also click highlighted exhibit panels to read more. Try it in the 360 Tour of the Museum's breathtaking Canyon lobby shown above. 

Native Voices

A circular gallery nestled in the hillside at the top of the Museum, Native Voices depicts Native American art and culture and interprets the deep memory and contemporary presence of Utah's indigenous people.

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Rich with images, sounds, and live animals, the Life exhibition delves into the web of life, exploring subjects ranging from the complexity of DNA to the diversity of Utah's ecosystems.

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Journey through millions of years of geologic time in the Land exhibition. Showcasing Utah's stunning landscapes, the exhibit lets guests explore the powerful forces that shaped Utah as we know it today.

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First Peoples

The story of Great Basin’s prehistoric peoples is told in the First Peoples exhibition, while putting visitors in the shoes of the archaeologists who use science to interpret the past.

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Gems and Minerals

The Gems and Minerals exhibition displays rough mineral forms alongside elegant cut gemstones that dazzle guests with brilliant colors mounted in cases towering 12 vertical feet.

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Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake exhibition offers a compelling narrative of the Lake, a remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville, brought to life through hands-on interactives, sounds, smells, and a spectacular view of the Lake itself.

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Past Worlds

Enter the Past Worlds exhibition and step back hundreds of millions of years to explore Utah's ancient environments and their changing life forms, including the dinosaurs whose fossilized remains fill the exhibit.

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