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SCFP Impacts

Scientist will:
·  Build on existing communication skills
·  Develop positive attitude towards outreach
·  Become aware of the value of their personal stories
·  Increase their confidence related to communicating their work to public audiences
·  Gain knowledge of inquiry, how people learn, and informal science education practices
·  Cultivate program and/or materials-based activity development skills
·  Increase their capacities to fulfill broader impact and outreach obligations for organizations or funders
·  Feel increased connection to a network and professional learning community of local scientists engaged in outreach

Public Audiences will:
·  Increase their understanding of science content and processes
·  Increase their awareness of local science organizations and community issues
·  Gain knowledge of science careers
·  Develop positive attitude towards science
·  Enhance their engagement with science and scientists
·  Develop interest, awareness, and appreciation of science
·  Demonstrate critical thinking and actively participate in science activities
·  Enjoy an enhanced understanding of how science affects their lives
·  Perceive scientists as neighbors in the community
·  Perceive NHMU as current, relevant, and responsive to the community

NHMU will:
·  Build and nurture science community relationships
·  Broaden science understanding in new content areas
·  Increase institutional capacity and comfort related to working with scientists
·  Enhance and strengthen strategic relationships
·  Fulfill institutional mission
·  Raise public profile
·  Increase programming options
·  Build professional development facilitation skills
·  Develop a resource base of experts for content consultation and for participation in other projects