Step 3: Develop a student activity

Successful field trips provide students with an activity to focus their exploration of the Museum. Although the best student activities are developed by the teacher to be tailored to an individual class's needs, Museum educators have also developed some general activities that teachers can use or customize to fit their field trip needs. Use the information in the following sections to help develop a student activity for your field trip.

NHMU's Tips for Developing a Student Activity

Free Teacher Preview

Special Exhibit

NHMU's General Activities

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NHMU's Tips for Developing a Student Activity

Not sure where to start in developing a tailored student activity for your class? Our Museum educators have observed that students, Lead Explorers, and teachers have the best field trip experiences when they:

  1. Focus on one particular exhibit or topic in-depth rather than trying to see and do it all.
  2. Include:

  • Pre-visit component

  • During visit component

  • Post-visit component

Free Teacher Preview

Teachers bringing their students on a field trip to the Museum can preview the Museum for free by printing off your confirmation email and presenting it at the front desk.

Special Exhibit

In addition to our permanent exhibits, the​ Museum offers a special exhibition that changes from time to time and gives field trip visitors an opportunity to access unique content.

The current special exhibition is Nature's Ultimate Machines which will run February 10, 2018 through September 3, 2018.

These Activity Guides provide extension activities that can be used as pre- or post-visit activities in conjunction with a field trip to NHMU. 

English Language Activity Guides:

Dome Strength 
Advantages of Levers
Bergmann's Rule
Muscle Model

Spanish Language Activity Guides: 

La Fuerza de un Domo
Las Ventajas de las Palancas 
Regla de Bergmann
Modelo Muscular 

To learn more about our permanent exhibits and upcoming special exhibitions, click here.

NHMU's General Activities

Pre-visit Classroom Activities

These activities allow students to hone their science skills before coming to the Museum. Junior Science Academy classes should complete at least one of the following activities before their visit.

Igniting Inquiry

Observation vs Inference

Recording Stars

At the Museum

NHMU's educators recommend using these activities as tools in guiding exploration rather than requiring everything to be completely filled out.


Post-visit Classroom Activities

Post-visit activities in the classroom can help cement learning that occurred at the Museum.

Nature's Ultimate Machines - Take it Outside, Utah! 

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