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Step 3: Plan Student Activities

Natural History Museum of Utah educators have observed that students, Lead Explorers, and teachers have the best field trip experiences when they:

  1. Focus on one particular exhibit or topic in-depth rather than trying to see and do it all.
  2. Include:

  • Pre-visit component

  • During visit component

  • Post-visit component

Teachers can visit the Museum for FREE to help plan their field trip by printing off their confirmation email and presenting it at the front desk.

Antarctic Dinosaurs Special Exhibit

October 22, 2020- April 4th, 2021

In addition to our permanent galleries, field trips can visit the Museum's temporary special exhibit for NO additional cost.

For activities related to Antarctic Dinosaurs visit the January Stay Curious, Utah! Page focusing on Our Dynamic Earth

To learn more about our permanent exhibits and upcoming special exhibitions, click here.

NHMU Student Activities

Use the below student actiivites to explore NHMU's permanent galleries. 

Student Guides:

K-2nd Grade: What do I Eat? 
3rd-5th Grade: Exhibit Explorers

Teacher and Chaperone Companion Guides: 

K-2nd Grade: What do I Eat? Companion Guide
3rd-5th Grade: Exhibit Explorers. Companion Guide


Pre-Visit Activities

These activities allow students to hone their science skills before coming to the Museum. Junior Science Academy classes should complete at least one of the following activities before their visit.

Igniting Inquiry
Observation vs Inference