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Behind The Scenes

Keep reading to explore Behind the Scenes Reimagined from 2020. Be sure to check out Behind the Scenes Reimagined: Plagues & Pestilence from 2021. And, bookmark Behind the Scenes for the most current info on this Museum event. 

Welcome Behind the Scenes at the Natural History Museum of Utah! We teamed up with actor Ty Burrell to bring you into the Museum's vast collections for an exclusive look at the treasures stored within. Explore each collection page listed above to get a close look at rare fossils, beautiful artifacts, fascinating fungi, and much more. Through videos, articles, 3D models, and photo galleries, you'll meet the scientists who work within the Museum and learn about the research that takes them around the globe. 

Featured on this page is Ty's final exploration at the Museum, when Dr. Jason Cryan, the Museum's executive director, introduced him to the paleontology collection

Be sure to check out Ty's first four adventures in anthropologyvertebrate zoologybotany, and entomology. He really is a genius scientist!

Behind the Scenes Reimagined was an online production made possible by the Salt Lake County Community Partners Grant Program and the Alternative Visions Fund to provide Museum guests with a virtual museum experience.

The production consisted of a five-part webcast series that took viewers into each of NHMU’s collections to examine the treasures within and meet the experts entrusted with their care. With more than 1.6 million objects, these collections are the foundation of NHMU, its world-famous galleries, and ongoing scientific research. The webcasts featured prerecorded introductions by Ty Burrell, prerecorded conversations with Museum scientists, and live Q&A sessions with the watching audience. 

Use the navigation bar above to explore different collections pages brimming with new virtual content. There's much to see and learn, but this is just scratching the surface of the wonders held Behind the Scenes at NHMU.