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Botany & Mycology

Earth is a very green planet, brimming with vegetation. But how do the tales of trees and roots intertwine with our own? Here you’ll learn about fire, fungus-farming ants, and what lake cores can tell us about habitats to help set a frame on the verdant world we live in.


Watch as Museum Member and actor Ty Burrell takes us behind the scenes in the Museum’s botany and mycology collections and Dr. Jason Cryan hosts a conversation with Museum scientists.


Rock crags and pine trees in a Wasatch Front forest.

Why are There so Many Wildfires Right now?

Understanding the history of wildfires requires many different types of information, from satellites to ancient charcoal.

5 Common Utah Wildflowers

Utahns are spoiled by majestic, snow-frosted mountain views, rustic red rock, and breathtaking forestland. With so much beauty all around, it can be easy to miss the little gems we see every day.

Decoding a Herbarium Sheet

Herbarium sheets are used in our permanent flora collection, and they contain not just the specimen, but a ton of other important information.


Go deeper into our herbarium with this guided virtual tour!

How do scientists press plants for collections? Find out how!

Some pine cones need some extra heat to open. Check out this cool adaptation.


Understanding nature requires that we get a little dirty, especially when looking for outstanding insects and other arthropods.