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Entomology & Learning Sciences

Bugs are everywhere. No matter where we go, they’re right there with us. And thank goodness for that! Insects form a critical part of our world, and in this section you’ll find everything from photos of our stunning collection to the reason why it’s good to stop and watch a beetle for a while.


Watch as Museum Member and actor Ty Burrell takes us behind the scenes in the Museum’s entomology collections and Dr. Jason Cryan hosts a conversation with Museum scientists. This adventure in Entomology will play in the video player below.


Kids holding a black pinacate beetle

Behind the Scenes: What Good is a Dirty Kid?

Children - as well as adults - can benefit from coloring outside the lines and playing in the mud.
A close-up of an insect called a treehopper, with six legs, wings, a short face, and a tower-like structure jutting out above its head.

A Strange and Mysterious Insect Was Found in Museum Collections First

NHMU Director Jason Cryan discovered a new insect in museum collections, and the species wasn't seen again for 20 years.
A Utah firefly clings to a plant.

Utah Fireflies Light Up the Night

Lightning bugs aren't a rarity in the Beehive State. They're all over.


Entomology Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Science & Home School Tips

Insects are a great tool for inspiring curiosity in kids!


Check out a few tips on how to raise a Wild Child: