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Blog: 2021

[image] Polar Dinofest: Pat Druckenmiller

Polar Dinofest: Pat Druckenmiller

Discoveries along Alaska's Colville River have revealed a wealth of information about Alaska's polar dinosaurs.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Karen Chin

Polar DinoFest: Karen Chin

The ancient seas of the high Arctic were brimming with strange forms of life during the Cretaceous.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Aubrey Roberts

Polar DinoFest: Aubrey Roberts

Immense marine reptiles once thrived in Arctic waters.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Holly Woodward

Polar DinoFest: Holly Woodward

Secrets inside dinosaur bones help paleontologists understand how the terrible lizards coped with long polar nights.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Ron Tykoski

Polar DinoFest: Ron Tykoski

The North Slope of Alaska has yielded some amazing dinosaur finds.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Marina Suarez

Polar DinoFest: Marina Suarez

What do we know about the climate polar dinosaurs lived in?
[image] Collapse of Earth's Geomagnetic Field 42,000 Years Ago

Collapse of Earth's Geomagnetic Field 42,000 Years Ago

Learn more about some fascinating new research by NHMU's Curator Tyler Faith and his colleagues.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Dan Ksepka

Polar DinoFest: Dan Ksepka

Prehistoric penguins are dinosaurs, too.
[image] Ammonoids of the Digital Sea

Ammonoids of the Digital Sea

Learn more about these iconic fossils.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Anne-Laure Decombeix

Polar DinoFest: Anne-Laure Decombeix

Fossil plants are essential to the story of ancient Antarctica.