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Blog Archive: Collections

[image] A Renaissance in Navajo Basket Art

A Renaissance in Navajo Basket Art

The Navajo ceremonial baskets on display in our Native Voices gallery and Collections Wall mark an incredible moment in art history. Read part II of our blog post series on the Twin Rocks Trading Post Collection.
[image] 12 Rare Images of the 1909 Utah Arch Expedition

12 Rare Images of the 1909 Utah Arch Expedition

These rare photographs, taken by Stuart Malcom Young, chronicle the 1909 Utah Arch Expedition. The grandson of LDS Church leader, Brigham Young, S.M. Young accompanied University of Utah Professor, Byron Cummings, on the historic excursion to “discover” Rainbow Bridge. At just 19 years old, Young played an important role in the expedition, chronicling the journey with photographs that would later become instrumental in building interest in the American Southwest and preserving its awesome landscapes, history, and people.
[image] A Piece of Goodwill: NHMU's Moon Rock

A Piece of Goodwill: NHMU's Moon Rock

If you aren't looking for it, you might miss it: one of the Natural History Museum of Utah's oldest and farthest traveled objects, trekking nearly four-billion years and 250,000 miles through time and space to be displayed at NHMU today.
[image] Science beyond the headlines

Science beyond the headlines

A new study adds evidence to one hypothesis about why so many bones ended up at Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.
[image] The Art and Details of Scientific Illustration

The Art and Details of Scientific Illustration

Natalia Wilkins-Tyler is a Salt Lake City-based scientific illustrator who has accomplished a number of fantastic illustrations for NHMU. Read about her profession and see a video of her in action.
[image] Dusting our Dirty Dinosaurs

Dusting our Dirty Dinosaurs

If you think your spring cleaning is difficult, try our Past Worlds Gallery on for size. Our exhibits team recently spent the better part of a week spiffing up all of our dinosaur skeletons.

[image] Largest Navajo Pitch Basket

Largest Navajo Pitch Basket

The largest Navajo pitch basket known to exist is on display in our Collections Wall. Learn about the artist, Etta Rock, and the process of making a pitch basket.
[image] The Dracula of Wasps

The Dracula of Wasps

The tarantula hawk, found in Utah, is a page out of a collection of horror stories. Beautiful, huge, painful, and parasitic - it's a wasp that tops the Sting Pain Index and finds its way into NHMU's "The Power of Poison" exhibit.
[image] Jar of Snakes

Jar of Snakes

It's perhaps the spookiest Halloween decoration ever. Our Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Eric Rickart, explains what's in this jar of snakes.
[image] Mountain Mahogany: One Tough Rose

Mountain Mahogany: One Tough Rose

Curl-Leaf Mountain Mahogany is a high-elevation evergreen found throughout Utah and the western U.S. The fact that it's actually a part of the rose family is just one of its remarkable traits.
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