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The Cave That Holds a Million Bones

Allison Wolfe, a graduate student in zooarchaeology and awardee of NHMU’s Summer Internship, is identifying tens of thousands of bird bones from Homestead Cave, home of the most fine-grained small animal record in the Western USA.

The Art and Details of Scientific Illustration

Natalia Wilkins-Tyler is a Salt Lake City-based scientific illustrator who has accomplished a number of fantastic illustrations for NHMU. Read about her profession and see a video of her in action.

Largest Navajo Pitch Basket

The largest Navajo pitch basket known to exist is on display in our Collections Wall. Learn about the artist, Etta Rock, and the process of making a pitch basket.

Goshute Burden Basket

A new addition to our Collections Wall: a very large Goshute burden basket made sometime in the late 1800s - early 1900s. Learn about it's function and provenance.