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Top 5 Venomous Encounters in Nature

Venom is the word for poison that is injected, and animals have evolved some nifty ways to deliver their venom. Here's our top 5 list of unexpected venomous creatures on the planet.

The Dracula of Wasps

The tarantula hawk, found in Utah, is a page out of a collection of horror stories. Beautiful, huge, painful, and parasitic - it's a wasp that tops the Sting Pain Index and finds its way into NHMU's "The Power of Poison" exhibit.
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From a Utah Hike: A Carolina Wolf Spider Story

We don't often associate arachnids and maternal care, but our Invertebrate Collections Manager, Christy Bills, shares a story about an intimidating spider found here in Utah that might just melt your heart.
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Grand Photos of Humble Bugs: Digitizing our Entomology Collection

We can now produce amazingly detailed images of our entomology collection as we slowly add our 275,000 specimens to our online database.
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Hunting for Utah Fireflies

Christy Bills, our Entomology Collections Manager, leads the Firefly Citizen Science Project, which is building a map of firefly habitats with help from Utah citizens.