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2017 Indian Art Market 3rd Place Winner, Nelson Begay

Returning Artist Nelson Begay took home 3rd place honors in NHMU's 2017 Indian Art Market.

2017 Indian Art Market 2nd Place Winner, Pahponee

Nationally renown artist Pahponee was awarded 2nd place in this year's Indian Art Market.

2017 Indian Art Market 1st Place Winner, Jesse Johnson

For the second year in a row Jesse Johnson, of Zuni Pueblo, N.M., won NHMU's Indian Art Market best of show honors.

Indian Art Market 2016: Jesse D. Johnson, Best of Show Winner

Congratulations to Jesse D. Johnson for winning Best of Show in the October 2016 Indian Art Market. Here is a description of the artist and his work in his own words.

Indian Art Market 2016: Jeremy Rosetta, 2nd Place Winner

Congratulations to Jeremy Rosetta for winning 2nd place in the 2016 Indian Art Market. Here is a description of Jeremy and his work.

Indian Art Market 2016: Susan Hudson, 3rd Place Winner

Congratulations to Susan Hudson, who won 3rd place at the Indian Art Market in October 2016. Here is a description of her work as told by the artist herself.

Indian Art Market 2015: Norman Lansing, 3rd Place Winner

Norman Lansing is one of the leading contemporary Native American Indian scraffito artists. He delicately incises, or carves, his spiritually inspired artwork on hand-molded pottery pieces.

Indian Art Market 2015: Gilmore Scott, 2nd Place Winner

Gilmore Scott is a painter who works with strong, bold colors. He paints high southwest desert and plains landscapes, traditional baskets, traditional Navajo homes known as Hogan, and geometric designs that Navajo rug weavers are known for.

Indian Art Market 2015: Andy Marion, 1st Place Winner

A third-generation Navajo silversmith, Andy Marion works with raw silver and gold, brass, and copper to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Indian Art Market 2013: Pahponee, 2nd Place Winner

Pahponee is one of the top Native American potters and has been working with clay since the early 1980s. Her style is elegant and graceful, and her one-of-a-kind pottery is inspired by her dreams and personal life experiences.