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Blog Archive: nhmu2020

[image] NHMU 2020 — Episode 5

NHMU 2020 — Episode 5

In Episode 5, we explore NHMU's special exhibition, Nature All Around Us.
[image] NHMU 2020 — Episode 4

NHMU 2020 — Episode 4

In Episode Four, we explore the history and life of Utah's Great Salt Lake, starting in the Pleistocene epoch and the once massive Lake Bonneville. We'll then study the amazing adaptations of some animals that live in Utah.
[image] NHMU 2020 — Episode 3

NHMU 2020 — Episode 3

In Episode Three, we examine how the prehistoric people of what is now Utah harvested, gathered, and preserved different foods. Then, we review the history of Utah's Tribal Nations up through modern day life, learning the importance of language and oral histories, and exploring the beauty of Native American art and cultural practices.
[image] NHMU 2020 — Episode 2

NHMU 2020 — Episode 2

Watch Episode Two to see NHMU scientists including Chief Curator, Dr. Randall Irmis, introduce guests to Utah's amazing geological record in the Land Gallery. Then, we switch gears to explore the life that thrives in Utah.
[image] NHMU 2020 — Episode 1

NHMU 2020 — Episode 1

In this episode, Executive Director Jason Cryan welcomes you to our museum and we tour our Past Worlds Gallery and the Paleo Prep Lab.