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Top 7 Poisonous Encounters in Nature

Poison is all around us, but through instinct or teaching we manage to avoid it in our everyday lives. Here are seven of our favorite poisonous things that you should sidestep at all costs.

Mountain Mahogany: One Tough Rose

Curl-Leaf Mountain Mahogany is a high-elevation evergreen found throughout Utah and the western U.S. The fact that it's actually a part of the rose family is just one of its remarkable traits.
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Know Your Lacy White Flowers

Summer in Utah’s mountains brings lots of cow-parsnip, a strong-scented member of the carrot family, but adventurers should be careful not to confuse it with its more toxic look-alikes: hogweed, poison hemlock, and water hemlock.
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Decoding a Herbarium Sheet

Herbarium sheets are used in our permanent flora collection, and they contain not just the specimen, but a ton of other important information.
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Our Barcoding Maven: Martha Maezumi

Martha Maezumi is an indispensable resource for our herbarium digitization efforts. She has personally digitized nearly 3,000 specimens for the museum and barcoded about 20,000 sheets. Read her story.
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Digitizing our Herbarium Collection

Digitizing museum collections is no small task. We accomplish it with a well-thought-out plan and some crucial people doing the work.
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