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Blog Archive: polar dinofest

[image] Polar Dinofest: Jaelyn Eberle

Polar Dinofest: Jaelyn Eberle

Once upon a time, alligators lived in the Arctic.
[image] Polar Dinofest: Pat Druckenmiller

Polar Dinofest: Pat Druckenmiller

Discoveries along Alaska's Colville River have revealed a wealth of information about Alaska's polar dinosaurs.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Karen Chin

Polar DinoFest: Karen Chin

The ancient seas of the high Arctic were brimming with strange forms of life during the Cretaceous.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Aubrey Roberts

Polar DinoFest: Aubrey Roberts

Immense marine reptiles once thrived in Arctic waters.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Holly Woodward

Polar DinoFest: Holly Woodward

Secrets inside dinosaur bones help paleontologists understand how the terrible lizards coped with long polar nights.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Ron Tykoski

Polar DinoFest: Ron Tykoski

The North Slope of Alaska has yielded some amazing dinosaur finds.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Marina Suarez

Polar DinoFest: Marina Suarez

What do we know about the climate polar dinosaurs lived in?
[image] Polar DinoFest: Dan Ksepka

Polar DinoFest: Dan Ksepka

Prehistoric penguins are dinosaurs, too.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Anne-Laure Decombeix

Polar DinoFest: Anne-Laure Decombeix

Fossil plants are essential to the story of ancient Antarctica.
[image] Polar DinoFest: Nate Smith

Polar DinoFest: Nate Smith

Over 50 years of discovery have uncovered a wealth of Antarctic fossils.