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Top 7 Poisonous Encounters in Nature

Poison is all around us, but through instinct or teaching we manage to avoid it in our everyday lives. Here are seven of our favorite poisonous things that you should sidestep at all costs.

Top 5 Venomous Encounters in Nature

Venom is the word for poison that is injected, and animals have evolved some nifty ways to deliver their venom. Here's our top 5 list of unexpected venomous creatures on the planet.

Jar of Snakes

It's perhaps the spookiest Halloween decoration ever. Our Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Eric Rickart, explains what's in this jar of snakes.

Why Oceanic Islands Fascinate Us – Luzon Island, Part I

Along with his American and Filipino colleagues, Eric Rickart, our Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, has scoured the Philippine island of Luzon for 30 years, discovering more endemic species of mammals than anyone could have imagined.