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Boy Scout Activities


Boy Scouts will enjoy a wide variety of hands-on, authentic experiences with natural history concepts that also support their progress towards Cub Scout Belt Loops, Cub Scout Merit Badges and Boy Scout Merit Badges. 

Cub Scout Belt Loops

Wildlife Conservation

Cub Scout Merit Badges

Cub Scout Merit Badge            Requirements and Electives
Tiger Requirement 1GVisit a museum to see how family life was the same and different many years ago 
Wolf Requirement 10Family Fun - Visit NHMU or plan a walk on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail around the Museum
Wolf Elective 10Native American Lore - Learn about what Utah tribes wore in the past and about tribal history in the Native Voices Gallery
Bear Requirement 10 Family Fun - Visit NHMU to "go on a day trip with your family"
Bear Requirement 12Family Outdoor Adventure - Hike with your family along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail outside of the Museum
Bear Requirement 14Ride Right - Ride a bike along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail outside of the Museum
Bear Elective 1Space - Identify two constellations and the North Star in the night sky from the Museum's Sky Terrace ( We are open until 9:00 p.m. every Wednesday)
Bear Elective 12Nature Crafts - Make prints of leaves and animals in the Naturalist's Lab (Level 4)
Bear Elective 24American Indian LIfe - Learn about Native Peoples, their games and their lives
Bear Elective 25Take a short hike with your den along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail outside of the Museum
Webelos Requirement Geologist 7What are fossils? Find out in our Past Worlds Gallery (Level 2)
Webelos Requirement Naturalist 4Visit a museum of natural history!
Webelos Requirement Outdoorsman 9Take a hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail outside of the Museum

Boy Scout Merit Badges: A Visit to the Museum will fulfill part of these Merit Badge Requirements

Native American LoreGeology
AstronomySoil & Water Conservation
Environmental ScienceAmerican Cultures
Plant ScienceArchaelogy
Mammal StudyBasketry
Surveying Sculptures
CyclingInsect Study
American Heritage