Ross Avens

Geum rossii

Tushar Mountains, Delano Peak, Beaver County, Utah.

Elevation: 11,500 feet

Collected by: A. Taye

July 3, 1984


Stinking Horsemint

Monardella glauca

Wasatch Mountains, a few hundred feet from Catherine Pass trail above Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Elevation: 9,460 feet

Collected by: W.R. Gray

August 5, 2010

Different Leaf Sphaeromeria

Sphaeromeria diversifolia

Willard Peak, Box Elder County, Utah.

Elevation: 9,700 feet

Collected by: W.P. Cottam, John Allan, and F.C. Rowland

August 15, 1958


Drummond Rush

Juncus drummondii

Southeast of Salt Lake City, Little Cottonwood Canyon, above Albion Basin along trail to Catherine Pass, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Elevation: 10,025 feet

Collected by: L. Arnow

October 1, 1967

Subalpine Fir

Abies lasiocarpa

Marysvale, Piute County, Utah.

Elevation: 6,500 feet

Collected by: Cottam

May 15, 1936

Bristlecone Pine

Pinus longaeva

House Mountains, Swasey Peak west of Delta, Millard County, Utah.

Elevation: 8,000 feet

Collected by: Beverley Albee

September 11, 1971


Brittle Fern

Cystopteris fragilis

South of Brighton near the head of Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains, 1.27 miles west of the summit of Clayton Peak, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Elevation: 9,250 feet

Collected by: M.D. Windham

September 8, 1992


Western Sweet Cicely

Osmorhiza occidentalis

South Willow Canyon on the east slope of the Stansbury Mountains, 2.34 miles northwest of Box Elder Pass, Tooele County, Utah.

Elevation: 7,450 feet

Collected by: M.D. Windham

June 28, 1998


Dewey Sedge

Carex deweyana

Wasatch Range, Little Cottonwood Canyon, White Pine Fork Trail, 0.25 miles above beginning of trail to White Pine Lake, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Elevation: 7,700 feet

Collected by: L. Arnow

August 13, 1983


Engleman Spruce

Picea englemannii

Stansbury Mountains, Dry Lake Fork of southwest canyon, Tooele County, Utah.

Elevation: 9,200 feet

Collected by: Alan Taye

September 24, 19--