Fragrant Sand Verbena

Abronia fragrans

30 miles south of Hanksville on RT 95 near roadside.  Garfield County, Utah

Elevation: 4,100 feet

Collected by: L. Arnow

May 4, 1967


Milkweed Milkvetch

Astragalus asclepiadoides

South on SR 191 from I-70, southwest of Crescent Junction.  Grand County, Utah

Elevation: 4,880 feet

Collected by: C.J. Hansen

May 11, 1997

Howard's Evening-primrose

Oenothera howardii

1 1/2 mile Southeast of the town of Sigurd, Utah in the Arapien shale hills along HWY 24.  Sevier County, Utah

Elevation: 5,400 feet

Collected by: B. Albee

June 10, 1981

Indian Ricegrass

Stipa hymenoides

1/4 mile Northwest of Carbon-Emery County line, along HWY 6-50 between Price and Green River. Carbon County, Utah

Elevation: 5,200 feet

Collected by: B. Albee

May 22, 1987

Desert Trumpet

Eriogonum inflatum

South of Valley City on US Route 191 on exit to "Dinosaur Tracks" observational point.  Grand County, Utah.

Elevation: 4,820 feet

Collected by: K. Schliep

May 10, 1997

Stansbury Cliffrose

Purshia stansburiana

Above small tributary of South Temple Wash on the San Rafael Reef.  Emery County, Utah

Elevation: 5,700 feet

Collected by: M.D. Windham, F. DeCourten and R. Davis

June 12, 1990

Black Sagebrush

Artemisia nova

13.5 miles east of Monticello, San Juan County, Utah.

Collected by: K. Mutz

September 14, 1981


Amelanchier alnifolia

Along Brumley Creek, La Sal Mountains, Utah.

Elevation: 8,858 - 9,842 feet

Collected by: A. Rydberg and O. Garrett

July 12, 1911

Four-winged Saltbush

Atriplex canescens

Dry river terrace. Hite, Garfield County, Utah.

Elevation: 3,470 feet

Collected by: Delbert W. Lindsay

July 2, 1958

Two-needle Pinyon Pine

Pinus edulis

West of Indian Flat along Interstate 70 in the San Rafael Swell.  Emery County, Utah.

Elevation: 6,825 feet

Collected by: M.D. Windham

June 30, 2004