Parsley Fern

Cryptogramma acrostichoides

Along Brumley Creek, La Sal Mountains, Utah.

Elevation: 8,858 - 9,842 feet

Collected by: P.A. Rydberg and A.O. Garett

July 12, 1911

Quaking Aspen

Populus tremuloides

Wasatch Range, head of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Albion Basin.  Salt Lake County, Utah.

Elevation: 9,300 feet

Collected by: L. Arnow

September 30, 1980

Moss campion

Silene acaulis

Timpanogos Peak, Utah County, Utah.

Elevation: 12,000 feet

Collected by W.P. Cottam, J.B. Anderson, F.C. Rowland and R.R. Ream

July 14, 1959

No. 15665