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Indian Art Market

Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 8-9

In the Canyon--a free zone

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After School and Saturday Classes

Saturday classes for 2nd-5th graders, & Wednesday after school classes for 1st-3rd graders

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Herbal Infusion

Craft night, Wednesday, Oct. 5

Register now!

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NOVA Concert Oct. 16: Terry Tempest Williams' Refuge at 25

New musical work by Utah composer John Costa, written for soprano Tony Arnold and an ensemble of musicians

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U of U Staff, Faculty & Family Appreciation Evening

Free access for the full family 

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 3-9 p.m.

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The Power of Poison

A new special exhibition

Opens Oct. 15


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From the Blog
Posted September 13th

Top 5 Dinosaur Myths

NHMU Curator of Paleontology, Randy Irmis, helps to clarify some common misconceptions about dinosaurs.
From the Blog
Posted September 8th

In with the New: Our Collections Wall Gets a New Look

It’s been five years since we first installed the 600 objects in our glass-enclosed Collections Wall. Now, we’re preserving some of the light-sensitive artifacts and bringing in objects from other collections to create a new, updated look for our...
From the Blog
Posted August 30th

In the Tiny World of Starch Grains, Bigger is Better

It takes a thorough understanding of the biology of starch to determine which starch grains are being recovered from archaeological sites. Lisbeth Louderback, our Curator of Archaeology, has discovered that bigger grains yield the best information for...

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