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Fifth Grade Junior Science Academy Classes

New class for fifth grade SEEd Standards this Spring 2022!

Earth's Systems: Using Models to Find Solutions

  • Analyze and interpret patterns in maps and weather data to understand local trends in temperature inversion
  • Learn what is in our atmosphere and how those various molecules react to temperature changes
  • Investigate a model to understand how convection and inversion work in the atmosphere
  • Understand how our landscape and naturally occurring weather patterns in the atmosphere can impact particulate matter in the air
  • Analyze the system model of a Salt Lake inversion day and design solutions to the problem
  • This class uses Museum exhibits, data, and tools to help students comprehension of SEEd Standards 5.1.4 and 5.1.5 
  • Check our Calendar for Available Dates!

We can still provide our Traits class to a limited number of teachers next spring, if requested. It has been modified to emphasize 3D Science but does not address any Core Content for 5th grade SEEd Standards. If interested learn more below:


  • Analyze and Interpret patterns in organisms to better understand the function of their traits
  • Learn the effects environments and humans have on naturally and artificially selected traits
  • Understand that traits are passed from generation to generation and are located in DNA
  • Extract DNA to take home
  • Adresses Crosscutting Concepts such as: Patterns, Cause and Effect, Structure and Function

If you are interested in a Traits class, please send a request with 3 potential visit dates via email to Bonnie Jean Knighton at: