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Junior Science Academy

The 2014-2015 JSA sessions are no longer available! Please visit us in the future for the 2015-2016 school year!

The Natural History Museum of Utah is proud to offer Junior Science Academy, a program that enables fourth and fifth-grade classes to engage in science from new perspectives.  

Core-based Science Education at NHMU

For teachers, JSA is an engaging learning experience designed to meet Utah's Core Curriculum Objectives and Intended Learning Outcomes through hands-on, inquiry-based activities and authentic learning experiences that help build understanding and strengthen your students' science processing skills. 

Junior Science Academy Program Information 

  • JSA Classes will be offered from September 8, 2014  -  May 22, 2015
  • Classes will be held at the Museum and led by Museum educators
  • Fourth Grade programs include four subjects that are each two hours long
  • The Fifth Grade program covers observable traits and is two hours long
  • Each class in your school must be registered separately for JSA
  • Core Curriculum-aligned pre & post visit activities will be provided upon confirmation of your reservation. 
  • Submit a JSA Reservation Request

Fourth Grade Junior Science Academy Classes           Fifth Grade Junior Science Academy Classes

  • With advance reservations, Utah Public and Charter Schools can qualify for a limited number of sponsored Junior Science Academy classes through generous support from the Utah State Office of Education.  Unsponsored JSA classes are subject to School Group Pricing. Click here for more information on School Group Pricing  
  • Private and independent schools, schools from outside the state of Utah, can qualify for the School Group Pricing with advanced reservations for visits that occur during the school day hours. 

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