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Get Prepared for your Museum on the Move Visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Museum on the Move classes, standards, and resources by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.

Pre-Visit Checklist

Get ready for your upcoming Museum on the Move visit by reading our Pre-Visit Checklist.

Pre-Visit Lesson Plan

We're working on exciting new activities tailored to each Museum on the Move topic, but in the meantime you can have your students follow along with our Science and Engineering Practices videos to prepare for your Museum on the Move visit!

Guided Notes

During your visit, we’ll model recording observations and ask students to record their own observations, typically in a science notebook or on scratch paper. If you believe your students would benefit from a worksheet-style guided note page, you can print the guided notes here. Please note that each student will need five copies of the worksheet, one for each station.

Prepare for Live Virtual Class

Our virtual classes require a very different setup than our in-person visits! Click here to access the Virtual mini site with everything you need to know to have a fantastic virtual visit.

A Museum on the Move educator unpacks fossils from her kit and hands them to a student. A student makes observations on a bat fossil

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