Ancient Ecosystems Toolbox

Research the ways in which prehistoric animals and plants have interacted with Earth over millions of years.   Discover what creatures ate, where they lived, and what fossil evidence they left behind.

What's in the Ancient Ecosystems Toolbox?

Fossil Specimens:  Carnosaur (dinosaur) footprint, Ceratopsian predentary (Triceratops beak), Mammuthus primigenius (Mammoth) tooth, Gastrolith (dinosaur gizzard stone), Tyrannosaurus rex tooth and claw, Coprolite (fossilized droppings), Knighta alta (fossilized fish), Crinoid, Shell in rock, Ammonite, Insects in amber, Petrified wood, Turtle shell, Fossilized leaves, and Shell cluster fossil

Modern Specimens for Comparison:  Tree ring, Scat, Insect (butterfly), Lion tooth, Pressed leaf, Feather, Cougar claw, Shells, and Coal

Printed materials:  Utah: A Geologic History, Dinosaurs of Utah by Pat Bagley, Dinosaurs of Utah by Frank De Courten, Fossils (Golden Guide), Fossils Tell of Long Ago by Aliki, and The Kids Natural History Book by Judy Press

Teaching Toolboxes include relevant curriculum tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards.  

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