CI-Water Toolbox

Water is the foundation of life. Discover the importance of water, its unique properties, and water modeling. Use tools to collect specimens and data to better understand water in the environment and human use and impact on water. Use models to understand watersheds, meteoric, and groundwater systems, and predict impacts based on droughts, human use, and pollution. Create art and actionable items to work for change in our communities and schools. This CI-Water toolbox is an initiative of the NSF EPSCoR project that intends to :

  • Foster STEM learning through coordinated K-12 activities between Wyoming and Utah.
  • Foster collaborative research and strategic partnerships among institutions, junior faculty, students and industry professionals.
  • Engage the general public and increase cyber-literacy and regional water understanding.

Please see to learn more about the project and for more information on the toolbox.

The CI Water toolbox is available directly from the NHMU, as well as Off-Site toolboxes located at Hogle Zoo, Weber State University, Cedar City and Provo. Please see our Off-Site toolbox list for information on how to reserve these toolboxes.

What's in the CI-Water Toolbox?

  • Field Guides
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  • Supplies

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