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DinoFest 2023 Bones to Beasts

DinoFest 2023 Keynote Speaker: Ellen-Thérèse Lamm

Keynote Talk

Date and Time: Saturday, January 28, 12 p.m.–12:55 p.m.

Title of Lecture: The Paleohistology Puzzle: Microscopic Evidence Solves Dino-Sized Mysteries

Lecture Description: Paleohistology allows scientists to answer to big questions about dinosaurs by examining very thin slices of their bones under a microscope. Did you know that the micro-architecture of bones, and of other hard tissues like teeth and eggshells, is impeccably preserved inside a fossil specimen? Discover how fossils are disassembled to put the paleohistology puzzle together using: a variety of dinosaur parts, a multi-step process of extracting samples and restoring specimens, and finally polarized-light microscopy to reveal the remarkable results! Find out how paleohistology helps scientists study dinosaurs as living, growing, active, injured, reproducing animals.

Dr. Ellen-Thérèse Lamm
Bio: Ellen-Thérèse Lamm is the Histology Lab Manager at Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, where she has been the “chief bone-chopper” for over 30 years. Combining her background in biology with her skills in taking dinosaur bones apart (and putting them back together again), her position involves all things paleohistology - using diamond-edged blades and polarized-light microscopes to reveal the exquisite and informative internal structure of fossil specimens. These investigations, delving into dinosaur physiology, health, behavior, and reproduction, have exponentially expanded our understanding of dinosaurs. When not cutting up dinosaur bones, Ellen-Thérèse enjoys carving the ice on figure skates.