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DinoFest 2023 Bones to Beasts

DinoFest 2023 DinoBite Speaker: Natalie Toth

DinoBite Talk

Date and Time: Sunday, January 29, 1:00 p.m.–1:25 p.m.

Title of Lecture: Digging Up Dinosaurs 101

Lecture Description: In Utah and Colorado, you really can find a dinosaur bone in your backyard. Teams of trained paleontologists make discoveries every day, but sometimes, new fossils are uncovered completely by accident in unexpected places. Natalie will discuss the process by which paleontologists decide where to dig and why, how fossils are carefully uncovered in the field, and the tricky, but exciting ways in which dinosaurs are transported safely back to the Museum for research, education, and exhibition. 

Natalie Toth using a concrete saw to remove fossil from the earth
Bio: Natalie is the Chief Fossil Preparator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. She works with an incredible team of paleontologists, interns, and volunteers to find, collect, and repair Jurassic and Cretaceous vertebrate fossils from the American West and Madagascar.