DNA Fest

Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Natural History Museum of Utah | Rio Tinto Center | 301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Join us for a family-friendly Saturday at the Museum where you can take a deeper dive into the fascinating world of DNA and genomes!!

Meet local DNA experts and learn about genetic research through hands-on activities:

  • Extract your own DNA
  • Create beautiful art with a micropipette (a tool used by scientists to deliver small volumes of liquids) 
  • Make and take home a nucleotide necklace
  • Explore DNA transcription with Lego® bricks
  • And just for fun, get your face painted — DNA style!

A sampling of the amazing scientists you will meet

Elisabeth ConradtU of U Department of PsychologyHow the environment can impact gene expression
Louisa Stark 
U of U Genetic Science Learning Center
Dr. Cheenu Shrinivasan Mouse genetics/brain pain signals
Emily DiBlasi U of U Department of Biology
Tracing the movement of individuals from one place to another
Richard ClarkU of U Department of BiologyGenomic studies on plants and animals
Sandra Haddad Bay Path University DNA and forensic science
Representatives from Myriad Genetics Myriad GeneticsChanges in DNA
Heather Sarin  Utah Health Department
Genetic counciling
Mary Anne Karren USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery Taxonimer
Kelsey RogersU of U Department of Human Genetics Virus evolution
Yi QiaoEccles Institute of Human GeneticsTumors
Michelle KnollNHMU AnthropolgyAncient DNA








DNA Fest includes an adult-oriented lecture
Seeking a Killer with Matt Might

2 p.m. in the Swaner Forum, Level 5 at the Museum

Matt is an advisor for the White House Precision Medicine Initiative and an Associate Professor, Computer Science at the University of Utah. Not long after earning his Ph.D. in computer science, Matt Might and his wife Cristina had their first child, a son they named Bertrand. After a few short weeks, Matt and Cristina began to worry that something was wrong as their newborn seemed to be in near constant distress. Read more about Matt's family's story here