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Intro to STEM with LEGO®

Sunday, January 13, 2019 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Natural History Museum of Utah | Rio Tinto Center

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Pre-K and K

Join us for a morning of STEM activities using LEGO® bricks. Young explorers will sort and categorize bricks while being encouraged to design and build. A wonderful experience for any youngster who loves LEGO®! Please note that students will take apart all LEGO® creations at the end of the session. We encourage them to bring non-valuable cameras to take pictures. Students do not get to keep any of the LEGO®.

Our Youth Programs are facilitated by Museum professionals and aim to promote independent learning and socialization opportunities for your children. Parents are welcome to remain in the Museum, visiting our cafe and/or Museum store, but we recommend they not remain in the classroom during program hours. If you feel that your child is unable to remain in the class without you, it may be best to wait a year before you send him/her to a program.