Navajo Rug Auction

Saturday, June 13, 2015 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
The Natural History Museum of Utah, The Canyon

Come see an incredible display of 200 Navajo Rugs in the museum's free area, The Canyon. Presented by Toh-Atin Gallery of Durango, Colorado, NHMU will be hosting a sale of Navajo rugs of all sizes and design styles. The format is that of a silent auction, but every rug also has a "buy it now" price.

The rugs will be ranging in age from a Third Phase Chiefs Blanket from around 1870 to contemporary rugs that will be finished the week of the auction! A portion of the proceeds will benefit our museum. A unique feature of this auction allows the first bidder to buy the rug immediately by paying 20% over the minimum bid.

Owners of Navajo rugs will have the opportunity to bring in their own rugs in and speak to Jackson Clark II, a third generation trader and owner of Toh-Atin Gallery, and his family about their rugs for evaluations and restoration advice.

Jackson will also give a talk on Navajo rugs in our Community Room which is open to all visitors.

Navajo Rug Auction Schedule:

  • 10am - Registration and bidding begins
  • 10am to 12pm - Bring in your own rugs for evaulations and restoration advice by Jackson Clark II 
  • 1:30pm - Jackson present a lecture on the history of Navajo rugs
  • 4pm - Auction ends


H. Jackson Clark II is the owner of Toh-Atin Gallery in Durango, Colorado, one of the most respected Native American art galleries in the country. Clark’s family has a long history of working with American Indian artisans.

He spent time with his father, traveling the Navajo reservation, visiting trading posts and weavers and developed a admiration and respect for the people and their artwork. Clark’s mother was raised at a trading post and he and his sister spent much of their summers at the post.

Today, after four decades in the business, Clark is an expert on Navajo weaving and regularly gives presentations on Native American art at conferences, museum gatherings and gallery showings. 

Museum Admission not required to attend the Navajo Rug Auction 

Proceeds Benefit the Museum