Norse Fest: Nordic Science Café

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Swaner Forum

This event has expired. View our latest Science Cafe schedule.

Join us in the Swaner Forum during Norse Fest and catch our Nordic Science Café! Take a load off, enjoy light refreshments, and hear three 20-minute presentations from Nordic experts. 

Learn more about our presenters and their areas of expertise below. 

Kristina Stelter will speak at NHMU's Norse Fest.
Vikings: Between Myth and Truth presented by Kristina Stelter

Everyone knows of the Vikings, but who were they really? Were they the brutal raiders of the north that survive today in myth and legend, or were they something else entirely? Find out how the Vikings were successful, where they went, and what they were looking.

Kristina Stelter’s penchant for heavy metal music, fantasy novels, and Dungeons and Dragons sparked her interest in Norse mythologies at an early age. She earned her Master of Letters in Celtic and Viking archaeology at the University of Glasgow. As part of her graduate work, Stelter studied Norse textiles and recreated swatches of cloth using nalbinding, tablet weaving, and looming. It gave her “a sense of connection to people who lived thousands of years ago.”

William Miller will speak at NHMU's Norse Fest.
Architecture During the Viking Age
presented by William Miller

The dwellings, villages and towns, fortifications, burial sites, and religious structures erected during the Viking Age demonstrate a responsiveness to the demands of the evolving Viking society and culture as well as the particulars of the Nordic climate and its resources.  Examples from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, along with Iceland, will be discusses.    

William Miller is Professor and Dean Emeritus in the College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah. He has published on modern Scandinavian architecture, and lectured at architecture schools, and professional and academic organizations.  His honors include being an American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellow, a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects, and a Distinguished Professor in the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.  Nordic Modernism:  Scandinavian Architecture 1890-2015, his most recent book, was published last fall.        

Geoff Morris will speak at NHMU's Norse Fest.
Are You a Viking?
presented by Geoff Morris

If your family came from a Scandinavian country then you know there are Vikings in your family tree. But can it be documented? In some cases, yes it can!  Learn from an expert from the world-renowned Family History Library how it can be done. Discover the fascinating story of how to document your genealogy back to Viking times.

Geoffrey Fröberg Morris has worked with the Nordic team at the Family History Library for 17 years, with emphasis in Swedish and Danish research. He is fluent in Swedish and has completed many research trips to the regional and national archives in Sweden. Geoff has a special interest in genealogical research to Viking times and loves Viking history and culture. 

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