Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter

Sunday, March 18, 2012 (All day)
Eight-Week Online Course

This eight-week online course allows teachers to use authentic archaeological data to practice the basics of scientific inquiry:  observation, inference, evidence and classification.

Educators will learn first hand how to help students apply archaeological concepts as they investigate a shelter using primary data sources such as maps, artifact illustrations, historic photographs and oral histories. 

In the classroom, teachers can use the nationally-endorsed Project Archaeology curriculum to fulfill many core requirements in social studies, science, mathematics, language arts and art.  Plus, students will discover archaeology and history through engaging hands-on activities. These activities also provide opportunities to reflect on citizenship, build personal ethics and character, and achieve deeper cultural understandings.  

Project Archaeology Course Details:

Time: Self-directed with assignments due each Monday (expect to spend 4-5 hours/week on course work)

Grade: Upper elementary teachers (3rd-6th grades)

Cost: $175; includes curriculum guidebook

Credit: Eligible for 2 Southern Utah University credits at a cost of $30 or, for Utah teachers, 1 Cactus credit or 36 relicensure points.