Rhythmos: An Interactive Performance by George Grant

Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 3:00pm
The Natural History Museum of Utah

Rhythmos is the search for a common language of creative process between all art disciplines and human relationships. In this context, the word language includes non-verbal patterns and images that communicate meaning as well as spoken word. To be involved with Rhythmos as a form of brain development in youth, and communication theory as an amateur artist, awakens our senses and nervous system to this form of communication in essential human relationships; even if we do not pursue the arts as a profession.

Explore the rhythm of nature and the nature of rhythm with vocal percussionist George Grant.  Join George for an interactive, lively musical performance that's inspired by sounds of natural world. 

George's Bio:

Percussionist/Vocalist George Grant has earned a reputation as “an adventurous musician and intrepid teacher.” As a performer and clinician, George fuses his wide influence in World Music, with his roots in jazz improvisation. His “alternative drum sets” may include tabla, zarb, kanjira, claypots, lots of frame drums and cymbals, lots of percussion colour – and his voice -- Drum Talk vocalese and harmonic overtone singing.

He has performed with many American jazz and classical masters, and with virtuosos from Asia and the Middle East. As an Artist In Residence in Utah and Idaho, George has taught his unique Drum Talk method to tens of thousands of students in public schools and universities. His method is taught regularly at Utah State University Music Department. .

Included in Museum Admission