Science Movie Night: Godzilla

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 7:00pm
The City Library - 210 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

Japan is thrown into a panic after several ships explode and are sunk. At first, the authorities think its either underwater mines or underwater volcanic activity. The authorities soon head to Odo Island, close to where several of the ships were sunk. One night, something comes onshore and destroys several houses and kills several people. A later expedition to the island led by paleontologist Professor Kyôhei Yamane, his daughter Emiko, and young navy frogman Hideto Ogata soon discover something more devastating than imagined in the form of a 164-foot-tall monster whom the natives call Gojira. Now, the monster begins a rampage that threatens to destroy not only Japan but the rest of the world as well. Can the monster be destroyed before it is too late, and what role will the mysterious Serizawa play in the battle?

After the film, join Nicola Barber, a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center. Dr. Barber will discuss mutation and the genetic implications of radiation exposure. She’ll also highlight some interesting organisms that, like Godzilla, are remarkably resistant to radiation or have adapted to use radiation as a source of energy.

Winner - Special Effects - Japan Movie Association Awards (1954)

Nominated - Best Picture - Japan Movie Association Awards (1954)

Directed by Ishiro Honda
Not rated | 96 min.  | 1954 | Japan

Science Movie Night is presented by the Natural History Museum of Utah in partnership with the Utah Film Center.
We thank the Salt Lake City Public Library, our presenting sponsor.
This event is free and open to the public.