Scientist in the Spotlight: Paris Morgan and Patrice Kurnath

Friday, June 20, 2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Sky Gallery

Utah's Buried Treasures with Paris Morgan

Join University of Utah geologist Paris Morgan and discover the "not so buried" rock treasures of Utah. Learn about both day and weekend excursions you can take here in Utah that will lead you to uncover your own exciting rocks and minerals. Use maps, rock hammers and hand lenses to explore your own backyard!

Included in Musuem Admission



Woodrat Ecology with Patrice Kurnath

Meet University of Utah biologist Patrice Kurnath and discover the delicate interactions between woodrats and their environment. The relationship between an animal’s environment and how that animal functions is a delicate balance. See from Patrice how she studies this animal through the use of cages, traps, feeder hoods and more. View a woodrat skin and midden pile up close. Learn about her experiments to discover more about woodrats and their ability to cope inside their environments. 

Included in Museum Admission