Scientist in the Spotlight: Patrice Kurnath and David Belnap

Friday, September 19, 2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Life Gallery - Naturalist Lab

Woodrat Ecology with Patrice Kurnath

Meet University of Utah biologist Patrice Kurnath and discover the delicate interactions between woodrats and their environment. The relationship between an animal’s environment and how that animal functions is a delicate balance. See from Patrice how she studies this animal through the use of cages, traps, feeder hoods and more. View a woodrat skin and midden pile up close. Learn about her experiments to discover more about woodrats and their ability to cope inside their environments. 

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The Diversity of Virsuses with David Belnap

 Join scientist David Belnap from the University of Utah, who studies the structure of virusus! Discover for yourself how diverse viruses can be despite infecting every living thing on the planet! See some of the distinct shapes viruses’ have, as imaged in two dimensions on an electron microscope! Look at examples of three-dimensional structures on computers and remotely link to an electron microscope!  Build your own symmetric virus shell with magnetic model kits. 

Included in Museum Admission