Teaching Toolbox Workshop: Parasites with Dr. Sarah Bush

Saturday, May 18, 2013 -
9:00am to 2:00pm
Natural History Museum of Utah - Naturalist Lab

Get Infected! This 5 hour Saturday session will highlight the parasites toolboxes with the opportunity to learn first-hand from Dr. Sarah Bush.  The workshop includes hands-on activities, an overview of Sarah's work, exploration of the four modules in the toolbox as well as practice with science process lesson plans and the integration of content into other curriculum.

They are creepy and crawly – and that’s why kids love learning about parasites.  This toolbox “exposes” children to parasite diversity from the small to the large (a 130ft tapeworm found in whales).  Using these materials, students can go on a field expedition and dissect a “Roadkill Racoon.”   Students can also conduct experiments to understand how parasites evolve camouflage; they graph their data with Legos and talk about their experiments with others.  In short, this toolbox provides hands-on biology activities that the students will never forget. 

Educators will receive five relicensure points for completing this workshop. 
Lunch Provided

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