Weaving Demonstration: Peggy Black

Sunday, April 7, 2013 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm
The Natural History Museum of Utah, Special Exhibits Gallery

Born for the Many Goats Clan and to her maternal Arrow People Clan, Peggy Rock Black learned to weave from her mother, grandmother, and sister. Her husband, Eddie, assists in gathering the sumac and preparing it for weaving. While she weaves baskets with many beautiful designs, Peggy is known for creating “collage” baskets containing figures from many sacred stories, ceremonies, historical events, and the surrounding landscape. Peggy’s baskets won have many awards, but she does not think of herself as a competitive person. "I only want to try different designs," she explains, "I want to experience the designs."

Join Peggy as she demonstrates Navajo basket weaving techniques in the Special Exhibits Gallery. 

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Basket Conversations: Have a question? Trained gallery interpreters will be on hand to answer questions about the exhibit and share the story of the Navajo basket revolution.

Included in Museum Admission