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Reservations recommended. Reserve tickets here.

Explorer Tour

Take an Explorer Tour of the Museum

A museum guide gives guests a tour of a paleontology prep laboratory.
There are more than 1.6 million objects cared for at the Natural History Museum of Utah, and each one has a unique and fascinating story to tell. Even the Rio Tinto Center, one of the most breathtaking buildings in Salt Lake City, has obscure architectural details to be shared.

Let our experienced tour guides provide you with a more immersive visit as they reveal the Museum's most captivating and entertaining stories—all in just 60 minutes. 

These tours are intended for adults.

Available upon request in addition to a Group Visit.

Tour Prices and Details

  • Tours are $5 per person
  • Reservations for groups more than 20 must be made at least 7 days in advance
  • Groups more than 20 may need to be broken into multiple groups for the best experience
  • Tours run approximately 1 hour and can be catered to your group's specific interests
  • Audio devices are available for guests who are hard of hearing

Past Tour Reviews

A museum guide points out dinosaur fossils to guests in a gallery at a museum.
"Awesome, hugely informative tour about the history of dinosaurs. Our guide, Dane, was extremely knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. We had been to the museum before but learned so much more through his insights and information. We loved it!" — Sarah, from Salt Lake City

"This is the most amazing tour!!!! We highly recommend it!!!! We learned a ton about dinosaurs from our excellent guide, Spencer. He answered every question and gave us a real picture of what life might have been like for each different type of dinosaur. PLUS, you get to go into the lab and see the bones they are working on, and how paleontologists actually do their work. PLUS, the museum is awesome and you should plan to spend some time there before or after the tour. We would definitely come back with friends and do this tour again." — Heller An, from Chevy Chase, MD

“Spencer was an amazing tour guide. He was so knowledgable and brought the dinosaurs to life! It was a really cool experience, and my family learned a lot. It was especially interesting to go in the lab and hear about the process of how fossils are removed." — Kristy, from San Francisco, CA

“Everything about this tour was fantastic! The museum was very helpful about accommodating our request for a specific tour time. Our guide, Dane, was super enthusiastic and knowledgeable. And finally, getting a behind-the-scenes look into the lab where people were cleaning and preparing fossils (and talking to them about their work!) was amazing. And at just $10 more per person than adult admission, it’s practically a steal! (The museum, of course, is beautiful with great exhibits and great views to match.)” - Allison, from Seattle, WA