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Group visits and tour operators at NHMU
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Group Boxed Lunch Options

The Museum Café is currently closed. Boxed lunches are temporarily unavailable. We look forward to resuming Café services soon!

Sandwich Service
$13.00 per person (includes tax)

Select one menu item from our Sandwiches and Wraps

Served with assorted potato chips or tricolor tortilla chips with beverage option and a water dispenser.


Simple Lunch Menu    

$18.00 per person (includes tax)

Select two menu options from among the Sandwiches and Wraps,

Served with two beverage options and one desert choice



Sandwiches and Wraps Options

  • Honey baked ham and Beehive Cajun cheddar cheese with dill pickles on marble rye            


  • Oven-roasted free range turkey with maple bacon and avocado on ploughman’s sourdough         
  • Grilled chicken breast with micro greens, cilantro, cream cheese, and mango chutney on focaccia                                                                       
  • Chicken salad with lettuce and tomato on croissants         
  • Southwestern wrap filled with black beans and vegetables(V)                                        
  • Wrap filled with red pepper, hummus, and grilled vegetables(V)                                                                    



·       Cookie platter

·       Brownies

·       Blondies

·       Cake

·       Cheesecake

·       Iced cupcakes

·       Fruit cobbler with whipped cream

·       Rice pudding

·       Lemon bars

·      Flourless chocolate cake (gluten free option)