Nature's Ultimate Machines: A special exhibit at NHMU
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Explore a billion years of awesome at NHMU
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2018 Summer Camp Sneak Peek

A first look at our 2018 Summer Camp lineup

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2018 Lecture Series
The Genius of Nature: Bioinspired Design
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$5 After 5 p.m.

This winter, come to NHMU for $5 per person on Wednesday evenings!

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2018 Craft Workshops

Our first sold out in a flash, so here's a link to the rest

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Family Late Night

Register now for March 9 

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Paint Mixer

Paint Utah's canyon country at our next Paint Mixer on March 7

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Posted February 15th

A Fuzzy Invader—Fox Squirrels in Utah

After introduction to the West over a century ago, fox squirrels have finally made their way to Utah.
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Posted December 19th

Utah Tyrannosaur Discovered After 76 Million-Year Slumber

What was it like to be there when a 76 million year-old tyrannosaur was airlifted from its longtime grave? And where had that grave been over those many millions of years?
From the Blog
Posted November 27th

The Birth of the Antiquities Act

Read about the early days of the Antiquities Act.

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