Nature's Ultimate Machines: A special exhibit at NHMU
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Explore a billion years of awesome at NHMU
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2018 Summer Camps

We have plenty of spaces remaining in amazing Summer Camps

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Photo Contest

Capture the Nature All Around Us and enter your photos to win!

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Utah's Fireflies

Yes we have them

We need your help in finding out where they are

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Fourth of July Blast

Enjoy your evening on the Fourth at NHMU!

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$5 After 5 p.m.

Wednesday evening discount extended through Labor Day

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Natural Indigo Dye

Our final Craft Workshop this year will be Sept. 19

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From the Blog
Posted May 31st

East Africa Finds Reveal New Twist in Human Story

New discoveries in the roughly 300,000 year-old sediment of Kenya have allowed Natural History Museum of Utah archaeology curator Tyler Faith and colleagues to track how stark changes in past climates influenced human culture.
From the Blog
Posted May 21st

Lights Out—Utah's Unique Dark Skies

The darkness is vanishing. Population growth and development around the globe has illuminated the world and its skies like never before. With the world alight, the only thing it seems we can’t see anymore is the dark.
From the Blog
Posted May 9th

Behind the Scenes, a Fossil Treasure Trove

Carolyn Levitt-Bussian has a fossil lover’s dream job. Every day that she comes to work at the Natural History Museum of Utah, she gets to roam among the dinosaurs.

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