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Taking Learning Outdoors
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Taking Learning Outdoors
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Take Learning Outdoors
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Taking Learning Outdoors

Why is it so important to get kids outdoors? Studies have shown that environmental education has a myriad of benefits to both students and teachers including getting kids excited about learning, improving academic achievement, strengthening a connection to nature, improving focus, connecting the real world to what’s being taught, and even improving student health! 

Since 2009, Taking Learning Outdoors (TLO) has provided 129 K-12 teachers from 64 Utah schools with resources, information, and professional insight that has helped them bring their watershed into their classrooms. Funded by iUTAH and facilitated by the Natural History Museum of Utah, teachers in TLO cohorts participated in a year-long series of workshops led by science and education experts from around Utah. Teachers examined their local watershed and learned how they can most effectively incorporate these natural phenomena into their curriculum. Though the TLO program has ended, we want to encourage teachers to continue to take their classes outside by providing resources and lesson plans to help teachers feel more comfortable teaching outdoors.

Access Taking Learning Outdoors resources by following the links below:

Outdoor Lessons

Outdoor Learning Literacy

Outdoor Teaching Tips

Here's what Taking Learning Outdoors teachers have to say:

  • “TLO reminded me of the power of nature as a learning tool and it reignited my passion to get the kids outdoors.” 

  • “It’s not about teaching the material, it’s about connecting the material.”  

  • “I feel that my confidence has increased as a result of realizing that science is all about using observations to describe and define our natural environment. Observations cannot be wrong. They can become more specific, defined and refined over time but they aren’t wrong. This helped me to be less afraid of science and love it more.”

  • “It may get messy, noisy, and loud, but it all equals engaged learning!”

  • “Fun factor. When students enjoy what they are doing they take more ownership in the activity.”

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