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The First Peoples exhibit at NHMU.
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The First Peoples exhibit at NHMU.
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The First Peoples exhibit at NHMU.
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First Peoples

The story of Great Basin’s prehistoric peoples is told while putting visitors in the shoes of archaeologists who use science to interpret the past.

Explore Median Village, a reconstruction of an actual archaeological dig site excavated in the 1960s in Sevier County, Utah. 

Stop in the Dry Caves Learning Lab to learn more about what makes Utah so spectacular for preserving archaeological evidence.

The First Peoples exhibition is located in the R. Harold Burton Foundation Gallery.

Explore the First Peoples exhibition on a Virtual Field Trip or with the 360 Tour displayed below. 

Click and drag within the frame to navigate and click panel icons to read exhibit panels. You can change scenes within the exhibit by clicking arrows at the bottom of the frame.

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