Utah Futures

This thought-provoking environment—the Museum’s crystal ball—is a place to explore pressing contemporary issues with local and global implications for the future.

You are encouraged to participate in an engaging interactive game where you can see the results of your everyday individual choices play out and learn more about how they might affect Utah on a broad scale.

Learn about local community partners and their efforts toward a more sustainable future and ways in which you too can do your part for a better Utah.

The Utah Futures exhibition is located in the Barbara L. and Norman C. Tanner Gallery.

Eye to Eye

Re-visioning Eye Disease is an interactive exhibit at the University of Utah’s Natural History Museum (NHMU) made possible through collaborative efforts between scientists, designers and students.

Collaborators from Jade Therapeutics, the Natural History Museum of Utah, the Moran Eye Center, and the Multi-disciplinary Design (MDD) program worked together in 3 phases: an initial Observation, Research and Ideation phase, an Implementation Phase and now currently Assessment of the final exhibit and project.